Main Street Spotlight: Nancy Jo’s Homemade Bakery

If you’ve read our blogs from the past few weeks, you’ll know that Clayton, NC has quite a lot to offer families. Since we’ve told you all about Fred Smith’s Clayton neighborhoods, we’ve decided to step outside of the communities and take a look at local businesses that serve Clayton homebuyers. Nancy Jo’s Homemade Bakery, a local favorite right on Main Street, is sure to catch the interest of anyone with a sweet tooth. 

What Can You Find At Nancy Jo’s?

About a mile and a half from many LionsGate homes, Nancy Jo’s Homemade Bakery is known for its desserts. From cakes and pies to cookies, cupcakes and candy, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. Best of all, the bakery uses many local North Carolina products. Jellies and jams are made with seasonal fruits, which come in the following flavors:

  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Muscadine Grape
  • Hot Pepper
  • And More

Celebrate with Nancy Jo’s Homemade Bakery

Have a party or a special event coming up? You can find all kinds of specialty cakes including wedding cakes and birthday cakes at Nancy Jo’s. In addition, you can also place orders on certain cakes or pies. Here’s the list that’s available for shipment:

  • Pecan Pie – 9” pie. Serves up to 10 people.
  • Lemon Chess Pie – 9” pie. Serves up to 10 people.
  • Chocolate Chess Pie – 9” pie. Serves up to 10 people.
  • Coconut Pie – 9” pie. Serves up to 10 people.
  • Rum Cake – 9” cake. Serves up to 16 people.
  • All Butter Pound Cake – 10” cake. Serves up to 20 people.
  • Twelve-Layer Chocolate Cake – 9” cake. Serves up to 16 people.

What Do Clayton Homebuyers Love Most About Nancy Jo’s?

Do you live near Main Street, in communities like LionsGate, Riverwood Athletic Club or Riverwood Golf Club? If you’ve been to Nancy Jo’s, what’s your favorite dessert? Share your opinions with us!

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