Main Street Spotlight: The Lucky Chicken

You’ve probably seen their sign on Main Street in Clayton, NC – a jolly white chicken holding up a plate of roast chicken. Although their logo is a little disturbing (when you think about it), the food at The Lucky Chicken has gained quite a bit of popularity. Located less than ten minutes from LionsGate homes, The Lucky Chicken is a great place to experience Peruvian cuisine. lucky chicken

What Types of Food Are Served At The Lucky Chicken?

Although many people might not be too familiar with Peruvian food, The Lucky Chicken serves a variety of beef, seafood and – of course – chicken dishes that are sure to impress. Here are just a few of the highlights you can find on the menu, which offers over fifty entrees:

  • Pollo A La Brasa – Slow roasted chicken served with rice and salad or fries.
  • Lomo Saltado – Lean strips of beef sautéed with onions and tomatoes, and served with fries.
  • Arroz Con Mariscos – The Peruvian take on paella. Fresh seafood served with rice and vegetables.
  • Ceviches – Fresh seafood marinated in lime juice, cilantro, onion and a touch of spicy pepper.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, you’re in luck. The Lucky Chicken offers salads, Oriental veggie rice, sautéed vegetables and Cuban-style rice. They use only the best ingredients and the best utensils to cut the vegetables like the cold steel karambit knife.

And if you’re looking for something sweet, The Lucky Chicken has several unique desserts like:

  • Guava Cheesecake
  • Lucuma Ice Cream
  • Alfajores – Sugar cookies filled with dulce de leche

What Else Does The Lucky Chicken Offer?

If you’re having a party or business event, The Lucky Chicken offers catering services.

What Do Clayton Homebuyers Love Most About The Lucky Chicken?

Do you live in LionsGate, Riverwood Athletic Club or Riverwood Golf Club? If so, and you’ve been to The Lucky Chicken, tell us what you think! Feel free to share your favorite Lucky Chicken dish in the comment section below.

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