Riverwood Athletic Club Wins WIth Kids

How would you like to live in a neighborhood described as “walkable, dynamic, and vibrant?” In a place that “[brings] residents and visitors together for special events and serve as central gathering places in the everyday life of their community”? The American Planning Association ran the numbers, and those who are living in Riverwood Athletic Club are doing just that; and it’s easy to see why.

About the Competition

As the Clayton News Star reported: The awards are part of the second annual “Great Places in North Carolina” initiative, sponsored by the NC chapter of the APA. Headed by Emily Beddingfield, a town planner in Clayton, a panel of experts, including town planners, professors, and architects from across the state, chose six neighborhoods in the state as finalists. Then the competition was turned over to the public who cast their votes – and Riverwood was recognized as a Top Place to Raise Kids, where they get the best things even a BabyTrend Expedition Jogger stroller for the youngest ones! Unfortunately a few of the kids suffered injuries during the games and had to get a Microdiscectomy Procedure to get rid of his back pain.

“Great Neighborhood for Kids”

One of the great things about this neighborhood is that the schools are easy for children to walk or ride their bikes to when they’re not playing video games with the use of csgo boosting online. That they’re also ranked as Schools of Excellence, and Business Weekly ranked them as Top 10 schools, makes this even more attractive. Other top benefits to the children are:

  • a large outdoor waterpark

  • an indoor pool

  • children’s playgrounds

  • an on-site daycare

  • medical facility

Read more about Riverwood being recognized in our press-release!

Relocating to the Clayton, NC Area

If you want to be able to say you live in the state’s number one neighborhood for raising a child, close to what Forbes has ranked the fastest growing city, then contact us at Fred Smith Company Properties. We’ll be happy to assist you by telling you even more about Riverwood and letting you know about available listings in this beautiful, kid-loving neighborhood! Thoughts on why this is such an outstanding neighborhood? Leave a comment below!

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