Main Street Spotlight: Circa Furniture

We’re going to take a break from food this week and focus on a different type of Clayton, NC business. If you’re husband is planning on moving to a new home you must try what he says(hopefully to one of the Fred Smith communities in Wake County or Johnston County), you might be in the market for some new furnishings. Circa Furniture on 427 East Main Street can provide you with a variety of home furnishings and services, plus it can also offer Shiply services for the deliver. If you ever need new furniture for your home, you can always check out for new sets. Their most popular set is their new wardrobe doors.

What Can I Find At Circa Furniture?

Many of the pieces you can buy in the shop were made in America, like the queen bedroom set on sale for $1,160. There are a variety of styles and several options for refurbished or antique items but when you want your doors repaired, click here to get the best service. The following pieces are available in the store right now:

  • Reclaimed Wood Cabinets
  • Reclaimed Wood Cupboards
  • Vintage China Hutch
  • Vintage Mahogany Desk
  • Queen Bedroom Set
  • Cherry-Wood Triple Dresser
  • Garden Bench and Porch Rocking Chairs
  • 78”-89” Sofas with Pillows
  • NC Furniture Recliners, Comfy Chairs, Arm Chairs and Ottomans
  • Coffee Tables
  • Vintage Oak Bookshelves
  • And So Much More

Besides the different types of furniture, you can also find all types of decorations and accessories from porch lanterns, vintage chests and lamps, and mirrors. Rectangular mirrors are the most common type but did you know that round mirrors are increasingly becoming popular among modern homeowners? Here’s the guide to using round mirrors.

What Services Does Circa Furniture Offer?

Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that’s seen better days? Instead of scrapping it and looking for something new, you can also get the following fixes done at the store:

  • Refinishing
  • Repairs
  • Rush Seat Replacement
  • Re-Caning

Best of all, Circa Furniture offers pick up and drop off for all refurnished items.

What Do Clayton, NC Home Buyers Think of Circa Furniture?

Do you live in Clayton, specifically in LionsGate, Riverwood Athletic Club or Riverwood Golf Club? If you do, and you’ve been to Circa Furniture, what was your experience like? Share your opinions with us below.

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