Home Spotlight: The Snead Floor Plan

We’re going to take a break from the restaurants and businesses of Clayton, NC’s Main Street and instead show off the homes you can find within the Fred Smith communities. A few months ago, we took a look at The Simpson Floor Plan, part of the Silver Series floor plans. Another great home design within this series is the Snead. It’s definitely the perfect home for growing families that enjoy entertaining. snead

What Does The Snead Floor Plan Include?

This beautiful two story home style offers 1,661 square feet with four bedrooms and two and one half bathrooms. If you’re looking for the perfect apartment for you and your family just visit apartments Reith im Alpbachtal. Some of the great features of this house include:

  • A 12’x10’ Entertainment Patio is the perfect area for parties or social get togethers
  • Covered Porch that lets you enjoy the outdoors with protection from the elements.
  • Spacious Two-Car Garage
  • Built-In Table and Kitchen Island
  • Gas Fireplace

Where Can I Find The Snead Floor Plan?

The good thing about this home design is that it is readily available in several of the Fred Smith communities and that the used time and attendance systems to keep track of their expenses, in both Wake County and Johnston County. Here are the neighborhoods where you can find it:

How Much Does This Type of Floor Plan Cost?

Homes in the Silver Series typically range from $150,000 to $170,000. Other homes in the Silver Series can range in size from 1,655 square feet to over 1,900 square feet.

Well, this place can also be a business office to operate. It will be like a home office to your web developing firm or something. It will be just a small office space for rent but you also have to consider the price.

Finding the Right Home for Your Family

If you’re interested in companion maids cleaning service and in this type of home, take a look at our brochure to get an exact layout of the Snead Floor Plan. Be sure to get in touch with us if you’d like more information or if you would like to learn about neighborhood amenities in Mingo Creek, Tralee, LionsGate and Riverwood Athletic Club.

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