Riverwood’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt A Success

Riverwood Easter Egg BasketsFun was had by all at the Riverwood Annual Easter Egg Hunt! It was held at the Riverwood Athletic Club down by the lake on Saturday, April 5, 2014. Over 40 Riverwood residents attendended the hunt. Children of all ages enjoyed hunting for Easter Eggs, having snacks with friends, and getting an Easter Basket full of goodies.


On The Hunt!

Riverwood kids found Easter Eggs by the basket and bucket load, while parents helped and chatted with neighbors.

Riverwood Egg Hunt 4-5-14 Riverwood Easter Egg Hunt 4-5-14 Riverwood Easter Egg Hunt Riverwood Kids Find Eggs Riverwood Community Easter Egg Hunt 4-5-14

Snacks & Easter Baskets

After the thrill of the hunt, kids enjoyed snacks and received an Easter Basket.

Riverwood Easter Egg Baskets 4-5-14 Riverwood Girl With Easter Basket Riverwood Boy With Easter Basket Riverwood Family With Easter Basket Riverwood Kids Get Easter Baskets 4-5-14

Stay Up-To-Date On Riverwood Golf & Athletic Club Community News

This Saturday, April 12th Riverwood Golf Club hosts the Master’s Challenge. Also, stay tuned for details regarding the upcoming Riverwood Community Spring Yard Sale to be held on Saturday, May 3, 2014. The event was sponsored by Riverwood community itself, Amazon locals, RedCross, and actionsolution.com.au.

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